Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Holder of Nothing

In the outskirts of a particular town, in certain country you may find a general store. When you reach the counter, ask to visit someone who calls herself "The Holder of Nothing." Should a look of sheer, primal disgust mar the worker's expression, you will then be taken to a separate building, one that appears to be an old, wooden outhouse. Inside will be a seemingly endless corridor far, far longer than the length of the outhouse.

The corridor will be completely silent. Attempting to make any sound at the wrong time is a grievous, lamentable mistake. You will notice the lights in the corridor getting brighter and brighter as you make your way down towards the end, soon you will be blinded by their brilliance. If at any point the lights go out, quickly shout out, "No! Stop! What you are doing is wrong!" while backing away. If the lights do not come back on, bolt for the door you came in through. It should still be open; hopefully you aren't far enough down the hallway for it to close on you. If it does close, an eternity in hell would be far preferable to what you will suffer.

If the lights come back on, continue walking down the corridor. At the end of the hall will lie a single cell; the worker will open the door for you while glaring at you in disgust. Inside the cell will be a mad pastiche of colors, arranged in several harlequin-like formations. You must not be distracted by them, for at the center of a room is a naked young woman, slathered in blood and bound by strips of human sinew. If you take your eyes off her even for a moment, she will completely and totally destroy you. She will only respond to one question: "What were they when they were one?"

She will then stare into your eyes and speak the answer in incredible detail. It will be unlike anything you have ever heard; you will be on the verge of both ecstasy and agony at her mere words. It is not uncommon for a Seeker to lose themselves in the euphoria. The worst thing you can do, however, is look upon the tattoo on her chest. Your mind will tempt you to gaze upon it, but you must resist. If you do not, and foolishly set eyes upon it, you will fall victim to her horrifying powers. She will flay you alive and add your mutilated flesh to her bindings, and you will remain trapped with her, fully conscious, for the rest of time.

That tattoo is Object 4 of 538. They desire to be one again, but they mustn't.


  1. Pretty creepy. Then again, tis the season of horror and.... Stuff...

  2. Goodness, you are a badass! I would love to read more. Please stop by soon, I think we could get some good feedback going between our blogs. I really like the limitless possibilities in your sentences. They suggest so much without giving very much away at all.

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  6. This reminded me of the Oracle in the Matrix! hehe
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