Saturday, February 25, 2012

About Derpy: Censorship and Appeasement

Im sure anybody here knows what is happening with Derpy Hooves,but.a quick rundown wont hurt:

After The last roundup aired a group 'concerned' fans moved to get Hasbro to appologize about Derpys portrayal
The episode was pulled from the hub and itunes and welovefine started renaming the Derpy merchandise
#savederpy begain
welovefine renamed the merchandise back
This video appeared saying everything was fine and the petitions and #savederpy basically died, cut to:
Now the episode has reappeared  on itunes, reanimated and revoiced with her name removed and her eyes (sort of) fixed. (voice comparison here)It is still not scheduled to reair on the hub, but the unrevised version is currently ondemand

Ive been considering the situation and trying to come up with anything I could do, other than just be angry about it. I feel like I need to get the hyperbole and bile out of my system before getting into things, so please do skip the next paragraph

The terrorists have won, again. They hate our freedom, so if you want to be safe, you, your parents, and your children, need to be scanned naked and fingered by thugs. Derpy is offensive, so the best way to deal with undesirables is to make them disappear, because we certainly can have differently abled ponies ruining the idealized paradise of ponyville.

Anyway now that I look terrible lets move on.

I have been seeing things like 'kids are starving in africa who cares about a cartoon'. Fair enough, if thats your opinion how much exactly do you give? By that measure what are you doing on the internet complaining about other people complaining? There is injustice and unimaginable suffering going on, and instead of doing anything, you are commenting on our comments.

I also see alot of people saying that its ok, because you can just watch the original on youtube. This is literally saying that changing history/throwing things down the memory hole is ok because all you have to do is 'be in the know' and break federal law. This is melodramatic, but it is like book burnings being ok, because you could find another copy, if you know where to look.

So can anything aside from whining on the internet be done? People crying got the episode removed, so logically if we are in fact the majority, and we care more about Derpy then they do, it makes sense that perhaps we can do something.

Some various ideas have been floated, but unfortunately most dont seem great:

  1. Boycott of the show
    • I dont think any of us would really skip watching the show
    • Most of us dont watch through legitimate means anyway
  2. Boycott the merchandise
    • The (almost certainly) unadulterated DVD will be released in 2 days. It doesnt make much sense to protest the change by not buying the unchanged episode. 
    • Attack the people who seem to have started the mess
      • Im not going to name any of them, dont give them anymore attention, plz

     So how about some maybe decent ideas?

    1.  Dont buy anymore episodes off of itunes.
    2. Petitions:
          • It doesnt hurt to be able to say x-thousands of people want Derpy unchanged
          1. Contact Hasbro. 
            • They have people whos job it is, to take customer feedback, so let them know your opinion. They want your money, and believe it or not, they want us happy.
            • Dont complain to studio b, or random people at hasbro. They have that contact page for a reason.
          If you have any ideas or thoughts please let me know, and spread the word on twitter via #savederpy


            1. Thanks for posting this, petitions signed, and formal but stern e-mail has been sent.

              Let's change some hearts and minds!

              1. :) Atleast they will know that way more people are unhappy now with the censorship, then were ever unhappy with Derpy.